Orkay Foods

Company Info

We are also an Exporter of Sambar Rasam Mix in addition to the aforementioned products and are widely known for our commitment towards meeting delivery schedules.

Why Us?

We have become a preferred choice in the market owing to the trust we have earned over the 70 years since beginning operations. With a history as old as free India, we have been providing our countrymen with the nourishment of great food that is prepared with the same love that reminds one of home. Thus, our popularity is not because of marketing strategies but owing to a legacy drenched in quality and trust.

Production Facilities

Our state of the art production facility makes outstanding products such as our Sweet Mixes, Beverage Mixes, Masalas and Spices, we have set up 5 production units in government designated areas for industrial growth. Each unit is fully equipped with a number of ultra modern equipment that ensures that quality remains maintained during the manufacturing process and that it functions in a optimal manner. Managed by professionals, each unit is focused upon maintaining the quality of our offerings and fulfilling promise of providing taste that is truly authentic. Furthermore, our facility is divided into a number of subunits which are as follows:

  • Quality Control Unit: The quality control department is involved in every aspect of production, starting from material acquisition to packaging and works in cohesion with other departments to ensure quality is maintained throughout.
  • Research & Development: The research department works to create new products and to keep the processes we employ in each unit at optimized.
  • Production Unit: The manufacturing unit helps in producing offerings hygienically in large quantity.
  • Logistics & Packaging: The unit uses the latest packaging techniques for making consignments ready in short time for dispatch. It is also responsible for the timely delivery of our products.

Good Food For Good Health

When it comes to instant foods and other similar products, a major concern is regarding the health effects they have on the health of the person consuming them. This concern is not without reason, as there are many companies that prioritize taste over the effects that a particular product has on ones health. We at Orkay have always believed in creating quality products such as our Spices and Sweet Mixes that are highly nutritious and have the traditional taste of home cooked food that we all crave for.

Our Team

Our team comprises of over 250 dedicated, qualified professionals with commitment to food safety, customer satisfaction. Their understanding and knowledge of food. Their understanding and knowledge of the food helps us in completing all the tasks in an efficient manner. We are are dedicated towards ensuring that each product that leaves the production unit is worthy of carrying the Orkay name. Our team members maintain friendly relationship with customers and update them about each new development of enterprise.