Orkay Foods


What really makes us the natural preference of many is not just our promise of authentic taste, but also the Orkay assurance of premium quality. In spite of the vastness of our product range, we at Orkay have refused to compromise on quality which has lead to the inception of five state-of-the-art manufacturing units in areas specially marked by government organisations for industrial development.

Each unit, well equipped with the latest indigenous machinery is multi functional being capable of cleaning, sieving pulverising, dehydrating, roasting, cooking, frying and blending.

Our R&D department, a full fledged department in itself with an advanced quality control lab, both monitors and fine-tunes the functioning of each individual unit thereby ensuring stringent quality control measures at all stages of production right from raw material procurement and processing to packaging and despatch of the finished products.

Additionally, our continuous programmes for quality control, new product development and research and development not only enables us to offer our customers the very best, it also ensures that Orkay gets a head start in introducing new products in the Indian market.

In fact, our drive for excellence is not confined to the products alone. To ensure the smooth functioning of the organisation, our 200 strong manufacturing staff comprises of the most qualified and skilled personnel and technicians capable of meeting any crises.

As you can see, with no efforts and costs spared, Orkay conserves traditional taste and quality as no one else does - the reason why hundreds of satisfied customers across India swear only by Orkay.