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    Ceeyes Instant Gulab Jamoon Mix

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    Ceeyes Gulab Jamoon, Gulab Jamun, the sweet spongy, moist dessert, is a delicious sweet which is often savoured with great relish during festivals, parties, Wedding celebrations and other gatherings, as one of the prime sweet during the course of dessert. They are usually served along with the main course of food, teatime with snacks, and Ceeyes badam Milk. They are made from Wheat flour and milk. Traditionally Jamoon dough is made from dehydrated milk (khoa, khoya). Dough is made from the powder with water or milk (if desired). The dough is then shaped into round balls or oblong shape (if desired). The surface of the ball is given a smooth finish by polishing the ball or oblong dough by rolling them between your palms. The shaped dough is set aside for 5 minutes. The ball is deep fried in hot oil slowly over a medium flame for best results. The Jamoons are fried till they attain golden brown colour. The fried Jamoon is then completely immersed in hot sugar syrup, for 10 minutes and then transferred to a bowl containing serving sugar syrup. The Jamoons are ready to serve with Ice cream, roasted nuts like almonds and cashew nut, Badam milk, etc.

    Make the sugar syrup as per the recipe. Sugar syrup required to soak Jamoon requires a medium consistency to help Jamoons absorb maximum sugar syrup. This sugar syrup is kept hot throughout the process of making Jamoon.

    Product Code : 00



    • Sieve the Ceeyes Gulab Jamoon Mix.
    • Lightly blend Jamoon Mix with water (in 1:1/4 proportion) to make dough of smooth consistency.
    • Do not knead. Leave for five minutes.
    • Roll into round/oblong shape. Deep-fry till golden brown in ghee/refined oil over a simmer.
    • Do not allow ghee/oil to overheat and fume.
    • Soak in hot sugar syrup.

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    Gulab Jamoons are also called Ledikeni in Bengal. Ledikeni seems to be the corrupted name from Lady Canning, wife of Governor General Charles Canning in whose honor the gulab jamoons stuffed with Misri was made during 1856-62.