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    Jilebi Mix

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    Jilebi, Jalebi, Zalabiya, the sweet crispy, moist Pretzel, is a delicious sweet which is often taken as breakfast in some of the northern part of India. They are usually served as main course of breakfast with Orkay badam milk, and samosa, Kachori, Farsan, and tea. They are made from black gram, and wheat flour. Traditionally Jilebi Batter is made from soaked and ground black gram dal.

    Product Code : 42



    • Sieve the Jilebi Mix.
    • Mix thoroughly one volume of sieved Jilebi Mix to 3/4 volume of water to form a batter without lumps.
    • Use refined Oil or Vanaspati in a flat pan for deep frying.
    • Use Orkay Jilebi Squeezer (plastic bottle) or a thick cloth with a button hole and squeeze the Jilebi batter into the heated oil.
    • Fry the Jilebi Crisp over medium heat. Soak the fried Jilebi in warm sugar syrup for 1/2 minute only. Remove and serve.

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    Did you know that Jalebi didn’t originate in India but it was invented in Western Asia? The sweet was known as Zalabiya or Zolabiya. During the festival of Ramadaan, the silver coated delight called zalebiya was served in the ancient Iran. This dish seems to have been brought to India by Persian speaking army.

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