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Manufacturer of pure spices, condiment mixes, beverages and instant mixes of South Indian regional specialities as well.

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Perhaps no other country has been famed for her myriad flavours as India has been. The adventurous conquerors who came in search of fortune carried away not just riches to line their coffers but also the lingering taste of hot Indian curry.

The taste of which was an unique blend of pure, natural ingredients cooked to perfection as per age old recipes. Most of these recipes were well kept secrets, passed on by word of mouth from mothers to daughters for generations together.

Undoubtedly, the recipes did differ from region to region, as did the taste. But the perfection remained. Probably, because the women of those days could well afford to devote hours together in perfecting their culinary skills, seldom venturing beyond the confines of their homes.

However, in the changing scenario of the modern day, the role of the woman has expanded beyond being a home maker. The modern Indian woman often has to strike a balance between home and office.

And in the process, looks for easier alternatives to diminish the burden of her chores.

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