Welcome to Orkay Foods

We have been satisfying craving for good food with our products including our pioneering Dessert Instant Mixes, Instant Food Mixes Jamoon, Jilebi and more and also our Spices, Masalas, Beverage Mixes and many more since 1947.

Production Facilities

Our state of the art production facility makes outstanding products such as our Sweet Mixes, Beverage Mixes, etc

Why Us?

We have become a preferred choice in market owing to the trust we have earned over the 70 years.

Good food for good Health

When it comes to instant foods, a major concern is regarding the health effects of the person consuming them.

Our Team

Our team comprises of over 250 dedicated, qualified professionals with commitment to food safety, etc

Our Products

When it comes to food, people often prefer the taste of home cooked meals over eating pre prepared foods and outsourced food. This preference is owed to the love that goes into the preparation of home cooked food and a mindfulness of health that goes into cooking, both of which are missing in pre prepared products from most manufacturers. We at Orkay, since 1947, have been tailoring and manufacturing food which captures the traditional taste we all look for along with the nourishment and nutrition required by the body. We are the pioneers and the leading manufacturers of a wide range of food products including Instant Mixes, Instant Food Mixes, Sweet mixes, Masalas, Spices, Beverage mixes and more.