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    Bisibelebath Masala

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    Orkay Bisibelebhat Masala, is a Masala to make a popular south Indian tangy rice dish. Bisibelebhat means "hot tangy rice". Some versions of the dish are prepared with up to thirty ingredients. Bisibelebhat traditionally is made by cooking, toor dal, rice separately, mixing them and adding salt and turmeric, Orkay Bisibelebhat masala and other ingredients together and finally with tamarind. The combination of all these ingredients gives the product unique flavor and taste. The traditional process of making Bisibelebhat masala is quite lengthy. It has a perfect blend of 16 ingredients which bring out the best flavours of dal or any vegetable that may be used.

    Cook 250gm of rice and 50gm of Turdal in 2.5 the volume of water in pressure cooker. After some time, add 100g of ORKAY® Bisibelebath Mix to the cooked rice, dal [when the rice is hot] and stir well. Mix well adding more oil if necessary. Keep the Bhath for some time closed. Serve after some time.

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    Bisibelebhat seems to originate from Karnataka and is said to have originated from Mysore palace.

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